Dear Friends & Fans,

After an exhausting southern tour Mindset X will be taking a breather to rejuvenate and to explore some other musical interests. We have one more show before the hiatus and will share that info soon. Thanks for being amazing.

Steve, Adam & Paul

Thank you, Florida.

It's 1:21 PM and I am winding down from a 4 gig journey across the sun-driven state of Florida. I'm always nervous about singing 4 days in a row ( especially in clubs that still allow smoking) but I must say - we rocked it. Every night was a different adventure and we were proud to deliver "our brand" of rock n' roll to the southern state. We were very humbled by the reaction to our eclectic music. :-) This post wouldn't be complete without giving a shout out to Ember's Down and Virginia Rose Band. You were not only a blast to hang with but the music is amazing.

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