The long awaited epic concept album that follows its protagonist through life and all of its struggles. A new direction & energy from the atmospheric heavy trio.

Produced by Grammy winning engineer Jay Frigoletto the story of “Oceans” has a distinct progressive edge that revolves around the journey of Jacob - an individual trapped in a never ending pursuit of happiness. Special guests on the new album include John Wesley of Porcupine Tree and Paul Bielatowicz and Simon Fitzpatrick of The Carl Palmer Band (ELP).

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1. Zero 220

2. I Imagine 3:38

3. Shockwave3:48

4. Flatline 3:18

5. Island 6:16

6. The Bends 4:40

7. You and Me 4:00

8. War and Crime 5:14

9. Castaway 5:32

10. The Great Divide, Pt. I2:20

11. The Great Divide, Pt. II 11:10