“There is no better example of a hardworking local band than Mindset X. These guys are talented musicians, and I always look forward to hearing what they will come up with next. Unlike some bands that just recycle older material, Mindset X is always creating new music for their many fans." 

-Donna Halper; credited with discovering the band RUSH. 

Mindset X is an Avant-Garde Rock n Roll band with a progressive twist that delivers a blend of intellectually lyrical and powerfully driven songs, the kind of music that makes a statement and invites thought, all while providing some serious thump for the body and soul. The foursome, hailing from the Manchester, NH area, is comprised of Steve Haidaichuk (Vocals and guitar), Paul Davidson (Bass, Keys, Backing Vocals), and Adam Cote (Drums) and Lucian Davidson (Guitar). Their music is designed to promote self-realization and self-determination and within the music itself, there is plenty of diversity to please fans of many different genres, from alt. rock, and heavy metal to progressive rock, from headbangers to ballad lovers...and everything in between.

This double New England Music Award Hard Rock Nominee has opened for national acts such as; Queensryche, Candlebox, Korn, Stone Temple Pilots, 3 Days Grace, Halestorm, Godsmack, Shinedown and legendary King Crimson members Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto as part of supergroup Stickmen.


Lead Vocals, Guitar / Steve Haidaichuk
Bass, Keyboards, Vocals / Paul Davidson
Drums & Percussion / Adam Cote
Guitar/ Lucian Davidson

Label -  Transit Music Group






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by Mindset X

An epic concept album that follows its protagonist through life and all of its struggles.

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Oceans (2015)

Produced by Jay Frigoletto

1. Zero 220 2. I Imagine 3. Shockwave 4. Flatline 5. Island 6. The Bends 7. You and Me 8. War and Crime 9. Castaway 10. The Great Divide Part 11. The Great Divide Part II


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Self titled (2012)

Produced by Brian Sachs

1. Dirty Lil Freak 2. Lilith 3. Everybody wants to be you 4. Vendetta 5. Take the time 6. Self 7. Boy meets girl 8. POV (Point of View) 9. So far gone 10. Purify & Divide
Out of Print

Out of Print

as seen on tv (2010)

1. Snake Oil 2. PLA 3. Sunset Boulevard 4. Drop 5. Sheeple 6. Disco Circus 7. Anonymous 8. Anti Depressia